The opportunity gap that exists in Colorado is preventing our state’s children from accessing the quality education programs needed to be successful in school and in life. Students from historically disadvantaged families have just a 51 percent opportunity to learn compared to White, non-Latino students.

Colorado ranks at the very bottom when it comes to the rate of high school graduates continuing on to college. Only eight percent of low-income children in Colorado will earn a college degree.

Colorado’s affluent students are three times more proficient than those growing up in low-incoming communities.
In most subjects and grades in Denver Public Schools, higher-income students are out gaining their lower-income peers (A+ Denver).
Among 2002 Denver Public School high school graduates, only one of 10 lower-income students earned a college degree within six years compared to three of 10 higher-income students (A+ Denver).

RMP Solution:

Rocky Mountain Prep’s high-quality education begins early — our rigorous pre-kindergarten programs are open to three- and four-year old scholars. We know effective pre-kindergarten classrooms are essential to closing the opportunity gap. Evaluations of well-run pre-kindergarten programs have found that children exposed to high-quality early education were less likely to drop out of school, repeat grades or need special education, compared with similar children who did not have such exposure (EdWeek).

Starting education early ensures our scholars are exposed to an academic environment and provides them with the solid academic and social foundation to be successful learners. More than 80% of Rocky Mountain Prep scholars come from low-income families. Data indicates that lower-income Denver children participating in preschool programs catch up with their higher-income peers in terms of language and literacy; cognition; and physical, social and emotional development by the end of the preschool year (A+ Denver).

The pillars of a Rocky Mountain Prep education include:

  • Rigor and Joy: RMP scholars are challenged in a joyful way. We recognize a love of learning as essential to achieving our mission, but refuse to sacrifice our high expectations.
  • Values-Based Character Development: Rocky Mountain Prep infuses four core character values into our everyday curriculum: perseverance, excellence, adventure and kindness (PEAK values). The emphasis on personal growth through our PEAK values system ensures that our scholars are supported in making good, sound decisions at school and outside the walls of their classrooms.
  • Student Diversity: Rocky Mountain Prep is a cross-cultural environment in which 23 different home languages are spoken by our families. Scholars receive both a scholastic and cultural education that prepares them to be responsible citizens and future leaders in a globalized society.
  • Innovation and Personalized Learning: Rocky Mountain Prep’s learning environment doesn’t sacrifice our individual scholars for the sake of consistent learning. Each day, scholars are given the opportunity for individualized academic practice using intuitive technology programs while other scholars receive targeted small group instruction.

All children deserve an exceptional school. Rocky Mountain Prep’s commitment to starting high-quality early childhood education and elementary programs will help close the opportunity gap, increase our scholars’ high school and college graduation rates and create our next generation of leaders. We work relentlessly each day to provide an effective education that prepares our students for success in college, career and life.

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