The mission of Summit 54 is to improve Colorado’s economy and society through effective, efficient and accountable investments in education.

Summit 54 works in close partnership with nationally recognized educational organizations, not for profits, government entities, local school districts, teachers and community organizations to bring successful academic programs to Colorado’s students. Summit 54’s emphasis is on K-12 education and we assist primarily need-based students. Our end goal is to reduce the achievement gap in Colorado and improve the life prospects of students who benefit from the programs we support. Ultimately, we envision that our investments will lead to a more highly skilled workforce, less poverty and stronger, more dynamic communities.

“We are business people, we approach our philanthropy as business people. We do our due diligence to find proven programs with metrics of success and then sponsor such programs bringing them to Colorado.” – Terri Caine

Our end goal is that all Colorado students graduate from high school ready for career or college. We recognize that in today’s increasingly technological world, “career ready” and “college ready” are closely aligned, requiring many of the same skills and knowledge.   For Colorado to achieve this objective, we must work together effectively to create efficient, sustainable support for our children from pre-school through college or career.  It is an “all hands on deck” task and we welcome your involvement.


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