The Problem

For certain students, postsecondary education is the next logical step. These students typically come from families for whom college entrance is a familiar process; they know “the ropes.” For others, however, college entrance is a foreign practice, so it represents a deliberate attempt to improve their social, economic and professional footing. These students are typically the first in their families to enroll in any educational institution beyond high school. This attempt could be both, opportunity and risk since it is an exodus from family traditions.
For first-generation college students, the risk for attrition is greater since they typically come from low-income families, have lower degree aspirations, are usually older than their peers, have a need to work longer hours off campus, take lighter academic loads due to lack of financial resources and/or time, and receive less support from family and friends for their enrollment. Consequently, the period for this process is a time of great upheaval.

The Solution

The Roaring Fork School District Pre-Collegiate program is an academic enrichment and support program designed to guide academically motivated middle and high school students and their parents to successfully complete their secondary school career, on a timely basis, and matriculate to a choice postsecondary institution with the necessary academic and interpersonal skills needed to succeed and graduate from that institution.  It also guides parents on how to plan financially for college and how and where to apply for help. The program consists of three main components: Mentor Program, Saturday Academies, and Summer Academic Camp.

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