College Track photoCollege Track is a national college completion nonprofit that empowers students from underserved communities to reach their dream of a college degree. College Track ensures that each of its students is college ready by providing the support that many do not have in their homes or at their schools. Inspired by the program’s rate of success in helping deserving, low-income students attend and graduate from college, in 2012 Summit 54 provided 100% of the necessary funds to open the first College Track facility in Colorado, located in Aurora, Colorado. Summit 54 is proud to be contributing to the academic and professional success of a cohort of 110 students, who have now successfully graduated from high school and are currently in four-year Universities. Summit 54 continues to sponsor these students through college, filling monetary gaps in financial aid and scholarships, and providing support systems while in college. Summit 54 is pleased that our leadership in sponsoring College Track in Colorado has led to an expansion of the successful program to Denver Public Schools. Summit 54 continues to pursue new learning and experiential opportunities for College Track students in Denver and Aurora, such as its recent sponsorship for College Track students to participate in a summer advanced math and science program called (H2)2.

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