(HS)2 – Summer Program

High School High Scholar is a rigorous STEM-based summer enrichment program at Colorado Rocky Mountain School that transforms the lives of promising high school students from underserved communities by inspiring them to reach their full potential, preparing them for college and empowering them for success in the world.

Summit 54 sponsors eligible Colorado College Track students in this rigorous three-year summer academic program.


(HS)2 Curriculum

Students enter the (HS)2 program during the summer following their 9th grade year, and for three consecutive summers, they spend five weeks taking courses in mathematics, science and English or college counseling at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. (HS)2 courses consist of topics not usually covered in secondary school, or they examine topics in greater depth than would be expected during the academic year. The pace is fast, the homework assignments are substantial, and the selectivity of the program assures that both students and faculty have high expectations for the work to be accomplished in every course. The (HS)2 curriculum challenges students to develop a strong work ethic and time management skills.

The mathematics offerings are sequential and include algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus. The science curriculum includes a biology, chemistry, and physics. Each week, students spend 10 hours each in mathematics and science classes. In addition, all first-year students spend 10 hours weekly in English classes, second-year students spend 5 hours weekly in English classes and 5 hours in college counseling, and third-year students participate 10 hours weekly in a comprehensive college counseling course.

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